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MADCAT CONSTRUCTION, LLC: Building Excellence with a Local Touch

Welcome to MADCAT Construction, LLC, your premier General Construction Contractor serving the vibrant community of Kingston, OK, and the scenic surroundings of Lake Texoma. Our commitment to excellence goes hand in hand with our motto, "The smallest things make the biggest difference." It's not just a saying – it's a dedication to paying attention to the unique details of our local projects, ensuring each endeavor is executed with precision and care. With over 20 years of experience in the construction and heavy equipment industry, MADCAT Construction brings a wealth of expertise to every local project.

Our Commitment to Kingston

At MADCAT Construction, our commitment to excellence extends to the heart of Kingston. We understand the specific needs and characteristics of our local community, and we take pride in contributing to its growth and development. Whether you're a home builder, property manager, commercial property owner, general contractor, municipality, or homeowner, our dedication to perfection ensures that your Kingston project is in capable hands.

Roots Deep in Lake Texoma

Nestled near the shores of Lake Texoma, MADCAT Construction draws inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds us. Our team recognizes the environmental considerations unique to this area and integrates them seamlessly into our projects. From residential developments to commercial ventures, our Lake Texoma projects are a testament to our respect for the local ecosystem.

Local Expertise for Lake Texoma Construction

Lake Texoma presents its own set of challenges and opportunities for construction projects. With decades of expertise and a keen understanding of the local landscape, MADCAT Construction navigates these challenges with finesse. We specialize in tailoring our services to meet the specific demands of Lake Texoma projects, ensuring the longevity and success of each endeavor.

Streamlined Business Process for Kingston Success

Efficiency and transparency define our approach at MADCAT Construction. We've streamlined our business process to benefit our Kingston clients. By providing upfront pricing and ensuring on-time project delivery, we not only save you time but also minimize the risk of budget overruns. This streamlined approach is our commitment to Kingston, ensuring that every local project, regardless of size, receives the attention and efficiency it deserves.

Constant Communication: A Local Touch for Seamless Customer Service

Communication is key, especially in a tight-knit community like Kingston. We value constant communication because we understand its role in delivering seamless customer service and ensuring a smooth project flow. At MADCAT Construction, you're not just a client; you're a neighbor. Our team keeps you informed at every stage, fostering a collaborative environment that leads to successful project outcomes.

Proudly Local: Family Owned and Operated in Oklahoma

Proudly based in Oklahoma, MADCAT Construction is a family-owned and operated company with strong ties to the Kingston community. Our roots run deep, and we take pride in being a local partner with a vested interest in the well-being and prosperity of our community. Choosing MADCAT Construction means choosing a local team dedicated to the success and growth of Kingston and Lake Texoma.

Whether you're embarking on a residential project near Lake Texoma or overseeing a commercial development in Kingston, MADCAT Construction, LLC is your dedicated local partner in building excellence. Contact us today to discuss your project, explore our local expertise, and experience the difference that attention to detail and a deep connection to the community make in every aspect of construction.


The MADCAT CONSTRUCTION. LLC Civil Group is a concrete contractor providing flatwork concrete services ranging from residential and commercial foundations, patios, and driveways.  

MADCAT also works with our customers to build new access roads and resurface existing roads on your property.  We will install surface water drainage systems to aid in erosion control.  Our Drainage systems range from steel and concrete culverts, rock, and retention walls.  


The MADCAT CONSTRUCTION. LLC Environmental Group provides tree and brush removal services to our customer's.  We will also provide mulching services and restore the ground to its original state.

We can also add back native grasses to areas after removal.  Returning native grasses increases the environmental value and erosion control of your surroundings by adding habits for small animals by offering food and nesting materials,  natural drainage systems, and flowering natives to assist and attract pollinators. 


The MADCAT CONSTRUCTION. LLC Construction Group handles general construction contractor services from building of home additions, barndominiums, and metal and pole barns.  We haul dirt, sand, rock, and gravel to use on our road projects.  The Construction Group is hands-on with your project's development.  

From the demolition to the hauling off of debris MADCAT does it all for our customers.  

Do you need trucking services?  We can do the work or lease our dump trucks, just ask.  We will work with you for all your project needs.  

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