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MADCAT CONSTRUCTION. LLC  is a General Construction Contractor.  We are committed to our motto, "The smallest things make the biggest difference."  We pay attention to the details and getting the job done right.  That is what makes the biggest difference.  Our Team has over 20 years of experience in the construction and heavy equipment industry.  

We always strive to streamline our business process in order to give our clients upfront pricing and on-time delivery of projects. This streamlined system also helps up stay within the budget that we’ve agreed on, minimizing any risk of costs ballooning. Likewise, we value constant communication – and this helps us give you the seamless customer service and a smooth project flow you deserve.

We work with:  Home Builders, Property Management Firms, Commercial Property Owners, General Contractors, Municipalities, and Homeowners.

Proud to be an Oklahoma Based Company.  Family owned and operated.  


The MADCAT CONSTRUCTION. LLC Civil Group is a concrete contractor providing flatwork concrete services ranging from residential and commercial foundations, patios, and driveways.  

MADCAT also works with our customers to build new access roads and resurface existing roads on your property.  We will install surface water drainage systems to aid in erosion control.  Our Drainage systems range from steel and concrete culverts, rock, and retention walls.  


The MADCAT CONSTRUCTION. LLC Environmental Group provides tree and brush removal services to our customer's.  We will also provide mulching services and restore the ground to its original state.

We can also add back native grasses to areas after removal.  Returning native grasses increases the environmental value and erosion control of your surroundings by adding habits for small animals by offering food and nesting materials,  natural drainage systems, and flowering natives to assist and attract pollinators. 


The MADCAT CONSTRUCTION. LLC Construction Group handles general construction contractor services from building of home additions, barndominiums, and metal and pole barns.  We haul dirt, sand, rock, and gravel to use on our road projects.  The Construction Group is hands-on with your project's development.  

From the demolition to the hauling off of debris MADCAT does it all for our customers.  

Do you need trucking services?  We can do the work or lease our dump trucks, just ask.  We will work with you for all your project needs.  

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